Monday Apr 27

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    Watch a Short Video on the Sarahim Center 

    This video was taken at the Center's old facilities and provides an
    overview of our history and activities.  Since then, we have moved to
    a larger building in order to accomodate the growing number of
    students. The updated video link below shows our new Center.



Updated Video of the Center

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   Watch an Updated Video on the New Building

    In 2007, we moved the Sarahim Center to its current location,
    which has 10 rooms in two levels.  Classes are held on the first floor
    and the office and kitchen are on the second floor.  Both videos on the
    Center were produced and directed by Masoud Farand, who kindly
    donated the playground for the children.

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  • * In operation since July 2005
  • * Free private school for children
       with special needs
  • * Over 70 students educated per
  • * 160 students already graduated
  • * Serve and educate children with
      physical, congenital and learning
  • * Children taught reading, writing, math,
       social studies, vocational and
       life skills
  • * 501 (c) 3 charity organization
  • * Improving lives, one child at a time!

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